Why is Facebook Dating not showing up?


  • There are somany reasons behind Facebook dating not working. The main reason behind Facebook dating isn’t showing up is, that the feature is not available in your country.
  • Note that Facebook dating is only available in a few locations. So check it. Also, check your privacy settings.
  • Sometimes due to privacy settings, Facebook dating is not showing up.

Why Is Facebook Dating App NOT Showing Up? (Facebook Dating App FIXES/SOLUTIONS)

Fixed: Facebook Dating Not Available

About Facebook Dating

Facebook is introducing a new dating app called Facebook Dating. Facebook Dating is separate from Facebook’s existing social network, so users won’t see people they have Facebook friends in common. But Facebook Dating also won’t be competing with Tinder or other dating services—Facebook Dating is more like an extension of Facebook that helps you find a date.

Why is Facebook Dating not showing up?

With Facebook Dating, Facebook hopes to deliver a better dating experience. Rather than focusing on matching people based on similar interests, Facebook Dating places more emphasis on compatibility. And, if you’ve ever been forced to endure the awkwardness of meeting someone online, then you’ll love that Facebook Dating uses a “mutual friends” feature to match users. So if you’ve both friended each other, you’re basically guaranteed a match.

How do I fix Facebook Dating not showing up?

Here are the steps to fix the Facebook dating not working issue.

  • Update the Facebook app.
  • Check your Internet connection.
  • Clear your cache on Android and iOS devices.
  • Check to see if Facebook is down or not.
  • Restart your device.
  • Delete and reinstall the Facebook app.

How do you get the Dating feature on Facebook?

To get the Dating feature on Facebook, your age should be 18 years. Then you can download the Facebook dating app from App Store or Google Play store.

What happened Facebook Dating?

Last year Facebook announced that it would bring an online dating feature to the social network. And in July 2018, Facebook rolled out its Dating feature. However, Facebook Dating was not as popular as anticipated and was eventually removed in February 2019.

How do I get Dating to work on Facebook?

Facebook Dating helps members in different countries connect with each other. Dating is only available on Facebook and is not currently available in the U.S.

How do I get back into Facebook Dating after deleting it?

If you delete Facebook Dating, your profile will no longer be active. You can reactivate your profile by dating someone else, or by using the Facebook Dating App again.


Does Facebook Dating have a limit?

Unfortunately, Facebook Dating does not have a limit.

Why does Facebook say Dating is unavailable?

It means Facebook Dating is not available in your country.

What is the best free Dating app?

The best free Dating App is Tinder.

Does Facebook Dating tell if you screenshot?

No, we do not currently have the capability to tell if you screenshot a user.

Will my account on Facebook Dating be automatically linked to my Facebook account?

No, it will not. Facebook Dating has a separate profile and chat box. it has a different privacy policy.

Is Facebook Dating free?

There is no news yet on premium services and subscriptions.

Where is the Facebook Dating shortcut?

You can find a Facebook dating shortcut in the more section of your Facebook app.

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In which country Facebook Dating app is available?

Facebook Dating is currently available in Poland, Portugal, Colombia, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, and Spain.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Facebook Dating?

If you are unable to view your profile or unable to send messages then you are blocked in Facebook Dating.

How do I access Facebook Dating on my iPhone?

Download and install Facebook Dating app from App Store and login in to your account.

What does it mean when a conversation disappears in Facebook dating?

It means that the other person has removed you from the matches.

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