What teams did Byron Maxwell play for?

  • Seattle Seahawks (2011–2014)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2015)
  • Miami Dolphins (2016–2017)
  • Seattle Seahawks (2017)

Byron Maxwell History

Byron Maxwell played for the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, and Oakland Raiders. He was drafted in the first round (16th overall) of the 2001 NFL Draft by the New York Jets. He played college football in Southern California.

In his rookie season with the Jets, he started 11 games as a cornerback. In 2002, he moved to safety where he became a starter. He led the team in interceptions with eight.

He signed with the Seattle Seahawks in 2005. He started 15 games before being released. The next season, he joined the Atlanta Falcons. He started nine games for the Falcons.

In 2008, he signed with the Arizona Cardinals. He started 10 games for the Cardinals. In 2009, he signed with the Oakland Raiders. He started seven games for the Raiders.

In 2010, he signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He started 14 games for the Jaguars. He retired after the 2011 season.

When did Byron Maxwell retire?

Byron Maxwell has announced his retirement from the NFL after a successful career in the NFL. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the sixth round of the 2011 draft and went on to develop into a solid starter. In 2013, he became the fourth member of the Legion of Boom, which helped the Seahawks win the Super Bowl. The Seahawks would go on to win another Super Bowl in 2014, which led to a huge contract offer from the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Seahawks recently released Byron Maxwell and stashed him on injured reserve, which will open the door for other teams to sign him. In a move that should make free agency hot, the Seahawks decided not to address the cornerback position in the first round. They instead drafted Rashaad Penny. Since then, the Seahawks have not addressed the position in the draft. This leaves the team without a second-round pick and no cornerback capable of starting immediately.

How old is Byron Maxwell?

When is Byron Maxwell’s birthday? This famous American was born on February 23, 1988, which makes him 32 years old. The star sign of Byron is Pisces, and his birth flower is Primrose. The following are some important facts about Byron’s birthday. Learn about Byron’s nationality, ancestry, and birthday. Find out how old Byron Maxwell is in this article!

Byron Maxwell is an American football player. He won a Super Bowl in 2013 with the Seattle Seahawks. In 2017, he played for 83 different teams. Although the NFL is a public arena, Maxwell prefers to keep his private life private. He has not revealed whether or not he has a girlfriend, or if he has been married before. If he has a girlfriend, it would be a good idea to check out her age and see if there is any chemistry between the two.

What happened to the Legion of Boom?

The Seattle Seahawks’ Legion of Boom was supposed to celebrate its members’ successes. During the 2015-16 season, they started the year 5-2 and were on the verge of making the playoffs. But then, two key members, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman, left the team to play for their rivals. This left only Earl Thomas. The team finished the season 9-7. Despite the glimmer of hope, the team ultimately faltered.

The team’s roster has been shaken up a bit, and the question is: Can the Seattle Seahawks recreate the magic of the Legion of Boom? After all, the squad was a great experiment – a scheme that fit its players’ skill sets. Ultimately, though, the Seahawks were swept by the Broncos in the Super Bowl, a 36-8 defeat. But despite these losses, the team still had a strong roster, including Legion Boom players except for quarterback Russell Wilson.

Is Kam Chancellor retired?

After announcing his retirement from football, Kam Chancellor has not yet officially retired from the NFL, but he plans to file his papers soon. Chancellor’s neck injury has kept him from playing for two years, and the Seahawks have yet to announce their plan to replace him. The four-time Pro Bowler is not likely to return to the field, as he can no longer pass a physical. In addition, Chancellor has no illusions about returning to the field because playing would risk a serious injury.

While many players are eager to leave the NFL and play elsewhere, Chancellor does not have the financial motivation to do so. He still has a guaranteed salary of $6.2 million for this season and another $5 million guaranteed in 2019. If Chancellor does decide to retire, he may continue to mentor players and impart his financial wisdom. After all, most NFL players do not last longer than a few seasons in the league. After retiring, players must find another way to make money to support themselves.

What helmet did Kam Chancellor wear?

If you’ve ever wondered “What helmet did Kam Chancellor wear?,” you’re not alone. The 49er’s defensive lineman’s hit on receiver Vernon Davis was a classic example of how helmet-to-helmet contact is commonplace in today’s NFL. The NFL has taken steps to protect its players and make sure their equipment matches their skills and size. But there’s still one question we all have: Did Chancellor’s helmet protect him from Davis’s collision?

In Super Bowl XLVIII, Kam Chancellor’s greatest hit was on Demaryius Thomas. Thomas was on the wrong end of the hit, but he somehow popped up off the turf and trotted back to the huddle. After the hit, he casually threw the ball back to the officials. The Seahawks’ defence made several costly mistakes in the second half, and the Titans’ offence seemed to wear the Seahawks down by the fourth quarter.


When did Byron Maxwell retire?

He signed a huge contract with the Eagles in 2015 but never delivered. After a short stint with the Miami Dolphins, he retired in 2018.

Who does Byron Maxwell play for now?

Byron Maxwell signed a six year deal with the Eagles 4 years ago today Field Gulls.

Who is brian Maxwell NFL?

Byron S. Maxwell was a football cornerback. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Maxwell played for Philadelphia and Miami.

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