What Is ERAC Toll Charges On My Credit Card?

ERAC toll charges are a charge for tolls that you paid electronically using your credit card. ERAC stands for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. So those mystery toll fees are from when you drove a rental car from Enterprise on a toll road or bridge.

Who manages ERAC Toll Charges?

ERAC toll charges are usually managed by a Highway Toll Administration or a third-party company, such as EZPass. These companies collect the tolls on behalf of the toll authorities using ERAC systems.

If you see an ERAC toll charge on your credit card statement, it is likely because you used your credit card to pay tolls recently. If you want more information, feel free to contact the toll authority or the third-party company.

What are Toll Roads and Tolls?

Toll roads charge a fee to drivers for the use of a road, bridge, tunnel, etc. Tolls help pay for the construction, maintenance and operations of the toll road. When renting a car, it’s important to understand toll fees to avoid surprises on your bill.

ERAC Toll Charges on Your Credit Card

You may see a toll charge on your credit card statement labelled as “ERAC” or Enterprise Rent-A-Car for toll road usage during your rental period. ERAC is the abbreviation for Enterprise.

These ERAC toll charges reflect any electronic tolls or toll booth fees incurred while driving an Enterprise rental vehicle. The charges are billed to the credit card on file once the rental is completed, which is why you may not see the fees for several weeks.

The amount shown on your statement as an ERAC toll charge is the total amount of tolls driven on Enterprise rental vehicles during your rental period.

Why Do I See Toll Charges on My Receipt?

When you rent a car and drive on a toll road, you have to pay toll charges. Rental car companies often partner with toll authorities to streamline payments. As a result, your credit card statement might include these toll-related charges, sometimes with an administrative fee.

How Do Rental Companies Handle Tolls?

Rental companies offer multiple ways for renters to handle tolls:

  • Transponder Rental: For a fee, you can rent a transponder from the rental counter.
  • Bill Your Credit: Tolls can be automatically charged to the debit or credit card.
  • Pay Cash: Some toll booths accept cash payments.

What Should a Renter Be Aware of When Using a Toll Road?

  • Always carry your credit card because some toll roads are cashless.
  • Using a toll road without a proper payment method can lead to toll violations.
  • The rental car’s license plate might be photographed and billed accordingly.

Why the Delayed Charges?

Rental car agencies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car often bill for toll usage after the rental period ends. This allows time for all the tolls you incurred to be processed.

The fees get charged together in one charge from ERAC that will display on your card statement anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more later. Even though the rental is over, the toll charges still find you!

Are There Different Payment Options for Tolls?

Yes, renters can:

  • Pay at the toll booth using cash.
  • Use a pre-paid transponder.
  • Rely on the rental car company’s toll payment system.

What’s the Deal with Toll Receipts?

It’s always a good idea to keep toll receipts. This can help you to verify charges by tolls on your credit card statement.

Tolls when crossing from Canada to US:

  • Buy a US toll tag before crossing border
  • Saves stopping at booths when entering US

General Tips:

  • Carry enough cash/credit for paying tolls
  • Know different toll payment options
  • Watch for unexpected toll charges on your card
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