How to Install Mirror in Home?


  1. The foyer is where guests first encounter your aesthetic. Placing a mirror above a console table instantly warms up the space. It’s also a great chance to look around before leaving.
  2. Place it 4-5 inches above the mantel. “But depending on the frame’s thickness, you may want to go higher,” says Downs.
  3. While many bathroom sinks come with adhesive-mounted frameless mirrors, you can add a frame to enhance visual appeal. (Less expensive than removing the mirror and beginning over!)
  4. Buy special drill bits made for tile, glass, or concrete. Then hang as if on walls with the proper hardware.
  5. Mirror clips are an easy way to do this, but Downs suggests using a solid core door so the hardware will fit properly.

How To Hang A Mirror – A Guide on Hanging Mirrors

Before you begin a project such as hanging a mirror, you will need to determine where the piece will be mounted. A wiring kit can be purchased to secure the mirror to the back of the wall. The wire must be measured so that the anchors will be far enough apart to hang the mirror. If it is hung above a window, the anchors should be at least two feet apart. Then, use a screwdriver to screw the plastic clips into the wall.

If the mirror has a wooden stud, you will need to drill two small pilot holes. If the mirror does not have wood studs, you can use wall anchors. Simply push the anchors into the wall where they mark. Then, use mounting screws to attach the mirror to the wall. Make sure that the screws are padded and the wire is positioned at least one-eighth inch away from the wall. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

The best placement for your mirror depends on its style and size. It should blend with the rest of your interior design. If you have a particular theme in mind for your home, you may want to match your mirror to it. If you have a gold frame, you may want to match the hardware with the mirror’s colour. Similarly, if you have a gold-coated frame, you may want to choose a mirror with gold hardware.

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