How Old Is Camilo in Encanto?

Camilo is 15 years old in encanto. He is older than Mirabel. That is why Mirabel failed to get a gift after Camilo in Encanto.

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Encanto | Madrigal family ages

About Encanto

Disney’s new musical Encanto introduces an entire family of magical creatures, but the age of each character has raised some questions. Jared Bush answers these questions by explaining how the Madrigal family delivers items and conducts themselves. The movie has received a largely positive response from critics and fans. For more information on the movie’s age range, continue reading the article below. This article is written by Jared Bush and is for informational purposes only.

Alejandra Madrigal: The tallest girl in Encanto, Alejandra stands at a height of three feet and eight inches (114.3 cm). She is believed to be about a year older than Antonio, and is often overbearing and rambunctious. She is often compared to Mirabel and is more like a child than an adult. In addition, she is always asking questions that would be rude to an adult, and her questions about Mirabel take the lead.

As a child, Kenzo and Julieta were a part of large extended families. Similarly, each character has their own magical power.

Mirabel Madrigal: Mirabel lacks her signature magical gift, so she feels like an outsider. While she has a superpower for empathy, Mirabel also lacks the magical power she needs to save the world.

In the end, she learns to be unapologetic and to become more confident. Eventually, she becomes the most powerful character in Encanto. The Age Of Every Encanto Character Explained

What are the ages in Encanto? Encanto Characters Heights, Ages, and Birthday Chart

Ages, and birthdays of Encanto’s characters:

Mirabel Madrigal15March 6th 
Alma Madrigal75N/a1
Bruno Madrigal50October 17th
Julieta Madrigal50October 17th
Pepa Madrigal50October 17th
Isabela Madrigal21August 7th
Luisa Madrigal19November 14th
Agustín Madrigal48June 19th
Félix Madrigal52November 11th
Dolores Madrigal21August 31st
Camilo Madrigal15December 28th 

Who is the oldest in Encanto?

  • Encanto Family Tree – 11
  • Antonio Madrigal. Age: 5
  • Camilo Madrigal. Age: 15
  • Mirabel Madrigal. Age: 15
  • Luisa Madrigal. Age: 19
  • Dolores Madrigal. Age: 21
  • Isabela Madrigal. Age: 22
  • Agustin Madrigal. Age: 50
  • Pepa Madrigal. Age: 50

Is Mirabel a triplet?

One of the triplets, Julieta, has the power to heal through food. She married Agustín and had three children of her own: Isabella, Luisa, and Mirabel.

How old is Mirabel Madrigal?

Mirabel is a 15-year-old girl who is the only member of the Madrigal family who does not receive a magical gift.

Is Dolores or Luisa older?

Isabela is only a few weeks older than Dolores and Luisa is two years younger than Dolores.

Encanto Cast – Voice Actors

CharacterVoice Actors
Stephanie BeatrizMirabel Madrigal
Noemi Josefina Flores Young Mirabel
María Cecilia BoteroAlma Madrigal
Olga MeredizSinging voice of Abuela Alma
John Leguizamo Bruno Madrigal
Mauro CastilloFélix Madrigal
Jessica DarrowLuisa Madrigal
Angie CepedaJulieta Madrigal
Carolina GaitánPepa Madrigal
Diane GuerreroIsabela Madrigal
Wilmer ValderramaAgustín Madrigal
Rhenzy FelizCamilo Madrigal
Ravi-Cabot ConyersAntonio Madrigal
AdassaDolores Madrigal
MalumaMariano Guzman
Rose PortillaSeñora Guzmán
Juan CastanoOsvaldo
Sarah-Nicole Robles Señora Ozma
Hector EliasOld Arturo
Alan TudykPico
Jorge E. Ruiz CanoTiple Maestro


Is Camilo a girl Encanto?

No, Encanto is a boy. He is Félix and Pepa’s second-born child, as well as the younger brother of Dolores and the older brother of Antonio.

Is Camilo older than Mirabel?

Camilo is older than Mirabel.

How old is Bruno Encanto?

Bruno is 50 years old in Encanto.

Will there be a Encanto 2?

Yes, we will soon see Encanto 2.

Is Bruno 7 feet tall Encanto?


Does Camilo Madrigal have a crush?


Why does Camilo snap his fingers?

This is a common gesture for intense emotion, like when something is exciting or when the gossip is getting good.

Is Mirabel adopted?


Who is older Luisa or Isabela?

Isabela is the eldest daughter of Julieta and Agustín, and the older sister of Luisa and Mirabel.

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