How Long Can You Screen Record On iPhone?

iPhone screen recording time depends on your battery and storage. With 100% battery and 256 GB storage, you can record your screen for 8-10 hours.

Here is a common time for screen recording on iPhone from low battery to full battery.

  • 30 minutes
  • 2 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 18 hours

How long can screen recording last?

How To Record Your iPhone Screen?

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center, then tap the Add button next to Screen Recording on iOS 14 or later.
  2. On your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, open Control Center.
  3. Hold the grey Record button.
  4. Wait for the three-second countdown after tapping Start Recording.

Limitation of file size in native screen recording software

If you’ve ever used a screen recording app on your iPhone, you may have noticed the limitations of file size. You can’t record in high quality, or record longer videos than the device can handle. You may also encounter problems when the file exceeds the maximum number of GB allowed on your iPhone. Fortunately, there are many options that will allow you to record in high quality, while still being within the device’s storage limitations.

Limitation of file size

The iPhone screen recording feature is included in all iOS 11 phones, but since iOS 13 the file size has increased significantly. A five-minute recording on an iPhone with 32 GB of storage would take up about 300 MB of space, while a video in 4K quality would take up 1.17 GB of space. However, you can reduce the size of screen recordings by changing the recording settings. Choosing to record at 720p rather than 4K resolution will save space.

If you’re looking to record a long video, a good screen recording software will allow you to record the webcam video as well. Most screen recording software will allow you to record for as long as you like, but you might want to set a time limit. Many free screen recording apps have a limit, and you should always use a backup solution to prevent running out of space. Another important consideration is the size of the video file. Screen recording on an iPhone can result in a large file that can slow down your system.

Enabling screen recording in Do Not Disturb mode

If you’re a screen recorder, you’ve probably wondered how to keep the notifications from ruining your screen captures.

To do this, enable Do Not Disturb on your phone’s operating system and lock screen. To do so, go to the phone’s settings and tap the half-moon icon. Once the mode is on, all applications on your phone will be silenced. You can also enable this feature within apps.

  • Once you’ve enabled DND, open Settings. Select Do Not Disturb, then tap on Game Center.
  • Tap on the Microphone Off icon. Once it’s enabled, tap it again. When the screen recording begins, a countdown begins at three seconds.
  • It’s important to make sure you have enough storage space available.
  • To enable screen recording, go to your device’s Settings.
  • Then, tap the Do Not Disturb option, and then select Silence: Always. If you’re experiencing this error, your content may be copy-protected.


What is Screen recording on iPhone?

Screen recording on iPhone is a feature available in Apple’s iOS. It allows iPhone users to create screen recording movies from iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.

How to turn off the iPhone screen recorder?

  1. On your iPhone home screen, swipe from down to up to open the control centre.
  2. Click on the red record button to stop recording.


To turn off your iPhone screen recorder, tap Settings, then tap General. Tap Accessibility, then tap Screen Recording. Tap the Switch Off switch to turn off the screen recording feature.

When you turn your phone off, the screen remains turned on. The phone will continue to use the battery and other resources until it is turned off completely. That’s why many phones have a power button that, when pressed, turns the screen off.

How long can an iPhone record video?

iPhone 11 videos last for a maximum of 30 minutes, or 60 minutes if you’ve chosen to shoot your video in HEVC (high-efficiency video codec).2 Now, that may sound like a long time, but it’s worth keeping in mind that video takes up lots of space. In fact, the storage footprint is approximately 4.5GB per hour, so if you’re recording for 60 minutes, you could be looking at around 1.3GB of space used.

How long can the iPhone 12 record video continuously?

The iPhone 12 has a feature that records video continuously for a 24-hour period. This feature is called 24/7 video recording. This feature allows the user to record everything that is happening; even if someone walks past the camera, it will still record.

How can I record my screen for a long time?

If you want to record everything on your screen, you should install a screen recorder. A screen recorder is a software program that lets you record everything that happens on your screen, including audio. You can use a screen recorder to record webinars, audio lectures, video conferences and more.

Why does my iPhone stop recording video?

First, make sure your iPhone has the latest software version. If the issue persists, restart your iPhone. Restarting can resolve many unexpected behaviours. If you’re still unable to record videos, reinstall iOS with iTunes.

Can iPhone record with screen off?

The iPhone’s recording function is a highlight. It lets you record videos and take photos or videos when you’re out, for example, when you’re in a museum or at a concert.

Is there a time limit on screen recording?

The time limit on the iPhone screen recording is 30 minutes.

How can I record my screen without anyone knowing?

You can’t record a screen without anyone knowing because, on iPhone, it shows a small recording button.

How do I record my iPhone screen for longer?

Charge your iPhone to 100% and keep 50+GB storage free.

The iPhone 11’s screen shoots in 4K at up to 60fps, and beyond that, you can record up to 10 minutes at 240fps, which gives you about a 2-second delay. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have 4K HDR video at up to 240fps. 2 Using these options, you can then save videos up to 2.5 minutes long.

Can you screen record zoom?

Yes, you can easily record Zoom with iPhone screen recording.

Why did my screen recording not save?

If your phone dies due to low battery then it won’t save your recording.

There are a few reasons why your phone might not have saved your screen recording. One possibility is that you didn’t have enough storage space on your device to store the recording. Another possibility is that you had the recording mode turned off in your phone’s settings.

Why does my iPhone stop recording video?

A low battery or low storages is the main reason.

How long can Apple Watch record audio?

Some people say there is no time limit for the app itself and it depends on the capacity of the device — Mac or iOS. Recording for 90 minutes or more has been reported “without problems” but others report difficulty editing or playing back shorter files. You may have to go by trial and error.

How long does iOS screen recording last?

It appears that there’s no time limit for how long you can screen record on an iPhone. It depends on your battery and your storage space.

How do I secretly record audio on my iPhone?

Run the voice recorder app on your iPhone or iPad to record audio secretly.


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