How Do You Slide In Madden 17 Xbox One?


  • Use Left and Right triggers + X on the Xbox One to Slide In Madden 17.

How do you slide? – Madden NFL 17

You might have already been wondering how to slide in Madden 17 Xbox One. Thankfully, it’s surprisingly easy to do! The only difference between a dive and a slide is the direction of movement. The latter is easier to achieve in close quarters and close areas. If you’re trying to slide in an open field, try to avoid making contact with the QB or diving. You can also use the sliding move to prevent big hits and maintain yardage.

In Madden NFL 17, you can slide by holding the Left and Right triggers and the X and Square buttons at the same time. This will make you slide down without causing any damage to yourself. It’s best not to use the sliding move as a substitute for a full slide. However, it can save you from injuries due to tackles. Moreover, you’ll be less likely to bungle the ball and avoid injuries.

There are two ways to slide in Madden 17 on Xbox One. First, you can use the right analogue stick. Just move it in the desired direction. Secondly, you can use the D-Pad to slide. After a few seconds, you’ll have the proper position to slide in Madden 17.

The best way to slide in Madden 17 Xbox One is to line up your feet and move forward. You need to slide as close to your opponent as you can without making contact. The slide technique is best used by wide receivers and quarterbacks, but it works for any position, including running backs. However, it takes a little while for the animation to kick in, so you should initiate the slide before the defender approaches you.

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