How do I unmerge AT&T and Yahoo email accounts?

  1. Open Yahoo Mail and then click on the Settings icon to open Yahoo mail Setting.
  2. Click on Mailboxes and then select the account that you want to unlink.
  3. Then click on remove mailbox.
  4. Confirm it again. That’s it. Email Not Working – Common Email Problems

Yahoo and AT&T are merged earlier and you can access both account with a single portal but now they are seperated. Now you have to access both Yahoo and At&T seperately and for that you have to unmerge AT&T and Yahoo email accounts?

Why Do You Need to unmerge AT&T and Yahoo email?

Both Yahoo and At&T are seperated and no longer support one login portal.

If you want to access your AT&T account, you have to open myAT&T website. Earlier, portal is used to login for both AT&T and Yahoo but now you have to access both sites diffeently.

Before you can unmerge your accounts, you must have the correct username and password for both email accounts. You can find these at the bottom of your Yahoo page. Once you’ve entered your password, click on “Unmerge,” which will then remove the ATT account from your Yahoo account.

In order to unmerge your AT&T and Yahoo email accounts, you’ll need to log in to both services. In addition, you’ll need to enter the same credentials for each service. Then, follow the steps listed below. Once you’ve entered your credentials, you’ll be prompted to confirm your password. You’ll need to follow the steps carefully and make sure you know all the details required.


Why is my Yahoo Mail connected to AT&T?

Yahoo Mail is connected to AT&T because they made a contract with eachother and merge their accounts.

How do I Unmerge my AT&T account?

Open Yahoo Mail > Settings > open Yahoo mail.
Click on Mailboxes > select the account > click on remove mailbox.
Confirm it.

How do I unlink Yahoo email accounts?

Go to Yahoo Mail box settings and remove your accounts.

Is AT&T email and Yahoo email the same?

Not now. The contact between AT&T and Yahoo email is over.

Can you have 2 email accounts on Yahoo?

Yes, you can.

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