What you should look for in a good gaming headset for Discord?

Discord is a free voice chat app available for desktop computers and mobile devices. By installing the client on a personal computer or device, users can play games with their friends and family through voice chat! There are currently over 60 million registered users across all platforms. In this article, we will show you our favorite gaming headsets for discord.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a voice and text chat application used mostly by gamers but also popular with creative professionals such as writers, artists, and filmmakers. Discord was created by Eric “Dispater” Benson who he wanted to create a simple yet powerful alternative to Skype and other similar programs. Dispater started working on his project in 2011 and released the first version of Discord in January 2013. Since its release, Discord has grown into a very popular program and now boasts over 60 million users worldwide.

Things you should consider while buying a gaming headset for Discord?

When looking for a good gaming headset, you should first determine the budget. When choosing a budget, you need to think about whether you want a wired or wireless headset. Next, you should look at the comfort level that you require.

Do you want to be able to adjust the volume without taking off the headset? There are headsets that allow you to control the audio settings with a smartphone app. Is sound clarity important to you? Some headsets perform better than others. Last but not least, you should consider the brand as they may last longer before needing replacement.

Wired vs Wireless

One of the most common questions that people ask is whether to buy a wired or wireless headset? Both offer their own advantages. Wired headsets usually work better over long distances. They also provide a higher quality of sound compared to wireless headsets. On the other hand, wireless headsets are cheaper and easier to operate. However, they tend to produce lower quality sounds.

Comfort Level

Another thing that you should take into consideration is your comfort level. Most gamers prefer headsets that fit snugly against their head. They also like to be able to adjust them to ensure that they are comfortable. In addition, they like to be able to remove them quickly and easily when they are not using them.

Sound Quality

This is another important factor to consider. Many people enjoy listening to music while they play video games. Others just listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Regardless of what type of content you listen to, you will want to find a headset that provides clear sound.

Can you use Discord without a headset?

Yes, you will need a microphone to talk with people on Discord. Although you can use Discord on speaker, it will disturb other gamers.

What headsets are pros using?

Professional gamers’ 2021 headsets Professional gamers like HyperX Cloud II, Sennheiser Game Zero, and Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 headphones.

What headset do pro gamers use 2022?

Professional gamers like HyperX Cloud II, Sennheiser Game Zero, and Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 headphones.

What is the best gaming headset Brand for Discord in 2022?

  • Razer BlackShark V2. The best wired gaming headset.
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless. The best wireless gaming headset.
  • Razer Kraken X. The best cheap gaming headset.
  • Beyerdynamic MMX 100. The best headset for long gaming sessions.
  • Epos H6PRO. Sporting both open and closed back designs.
  • Corsair HS80 RGB.
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